Tilting at Training Dummies

Tilting at Training Dummies


The description of this Demonetized video doesn’t need much explaining. I wanted to do a kind of Don Quixote funny poem. Do not just too harshly. I’m not good at poetry. Never was. It’s just a silly thing about attacking a wooden training dummy.

The glorious challenger rises;
A victory draws near.
Just one more nasty healer dead
To hear the crowds cheer.

He’s prepared all his life for this.
Climbing that gear treadmill,
The monk, seeing an opening,
He goes in for the kill.

Dazzling the opponent,
Moves in for the attack
With a flurry most impressive
Hits the mark with a crack.

He should have thought of it sooner,
Opponent made of wood;
Tears welled up in his eyes
Now losing his manhood.

Recoiling his hurting hand
Broken, mushy, and lame;
Looks around to make sure that
No one shares in his shame.

Maybe this was his one weakness,
He always knew it deep down
His true nemesis, it’s time
For the children’s playground.