MMO Fatigue

MMO Fatigue


The closer New World gets to launch, the more I realize that I don’t actually want to put any time into an MMO right now. Not that it isn’t interesting. More that, it’s not game changing enough to get me excited right now. It has a few innovations in the MMO space, but they aren’t enough to make it fell like some ground breaking new shit that I absolutely must try. Let’s face it, I’ve put in my MMO time. The idea of starting from scratch in another game right now, I just can’t do it. 

In my last post, I said I always have Guild Wars 2 to fall back on so I’m good if I ever feel the need to jump on an MMO. Mainly, I’ve been enjoying kicking it old-school with single player / story driven / party based RPGs. I’ve been having a blast. I plan to play through more of them before Baldur’s Gate 3 releases.

A short post today, really. Nothing much else to say except that I’m burnt out of the same old MMO grind. Where is the next innovation in the online gaming market? Please let it be casual, and get rid of grinding as a concept. I’m tired of this time consuming try-hard shit.

Maybe next year I’ll feel up to playing an MMO in earnest. Will New World survive that long? We will see. PvP focused MMOs typically have a short life span.