It’s Boomer Midnight

It’s Boomer Midnight


So, I started uploading some gameplay to YouTube. It’s fun, and I’ve learned a but about the platform. Especially with avoiding getting demonetized. In fact, the whole ordeal with copyright claiming is what inspired the series to be titled Demonetized. In any case, I’m going to catch up on the current video I’ve managed to get up to on my blog. I know I promised no WarCraft stuff. Too bad. I’ve also had fun writing crazy descriptions for the videos. Since no one will ever read them on YouTube, might as well put the description here on the ol’ blog.

This is the second time I uploaded this video. In the first upload, I had some choice music for you all to enjoy, but WMG had different ideas. I was prepared to be demonetized. I was not prepared to be straight up blocked. I’m even afraid to use any Disney movie clips for fear that Johnny Mouse will come knocking on my door with a wooden baseball bat.

Now it’s war. My ultimate revenge will be the moment I make a single cent from any of my montage videos. I will use only royalty free music, images, and videos. Blame WMG. They expect me to create everything from scratch. You’re watching this video. Does it look like I possess any skill whatsoever? It is edited to show just the wins. This way I can at the very least cry myself to sleep and dream that I’m halfway competitive. But, I know the truth. I just checked the Doomsday Clock; it says we are already half past Boomer Midnight. It’s true what they say, you can’t teach an old dog how to go above rank 1400. I can’t compete with the reflexes of the youth. Hell, it takes me damn near 11 months just to juke the annual prostate exam.

Whew, it’s still hard to fathom. Even in a pandemic, Universal, Sony, and Warner are on top of their copyright game. Because, you know all those people wanting to steal music with a bunch of loud ass WarCraft sounds in them. Can’t have that, no sir. No money. None.

Going forward, expect videos to be around 10 minutes. I don’t mind my first video being 25 minutes. I was learning a bunch of between editing and YouTube settings. Just know in future videos I’m going to be cutting straight to the quick.

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