New Site CMS: WordPress

New Site CMS: WordPress


The last time I personally used a WordPress site was so long ago I don’t even remember what it looked like. I do remember not liking back then, but recently, we’ve had a few clients sites that use WordPress. Also, we now have a major WordPress site that we are working on launching very soon. I liked what I saw. I really like Block Editing with Gutenberg. I know know there is a community out there that like the classic editor. That’s fine. Not me though.

I’ve been using Gantry for Joomla for years now. I like it still. I wanted a Theme Builder for WordPress. Gantry works for WordPress just fine, minus big issue. I wanted to try a popular solution for a Theme Builder for WordPress. After doing some research, I landed with Elementor.  I have to tell you; I don’t regret this choice one bit. Elementor is extremely powerful. 

You know that scene in Jurassic Park about the archeologists being extinct. I kind of felt that way with Elementor at first. I was able to do so must without much custom CSS styling at all, but the more I really wanted to get a specific look or function, the more I need to add custom code. My skills are still useful, fears unfounded. With that out of with way, I spiced up the site a bit after I remade the look of the old Joomla site.

One of the things you will probably notice right off the bat are the animated Lottie files. The two on this post, but also the Pong animation on the right side bar(or below the post content on mobile), and I have another one on my 404 page. I had a short post about my time with Flash. I’m more that happy to once again have animated vectors on websites. As I mentioned in the other post, I used Flash mainly for website design work, so Lottie is right up my alley. Expect custom Lottie animations from me in the future made with either Adobe After Effects or Adobe Animate … or both! 

That’s pretty much the post today. We are on WordPress now. I’ll go into more detail at a later date on how I feel about Joomla and the shit show that will be Joomla 4 release.

Also. forgot to mention you can now search the site. Search for dumb stuff.