Isometric Material

Isometric Material


I knew the longest part of getting my site up and running would be the design. I’m not great with pulling a design out of nowhere. Web designs are normally given to me in an image or Adobe XD file. I just mimic the design to be functional on Joomla with CSS and such. So, I decided to take inspiration from Google’s Material Design with my own twist. It will have hard rather than rounded corners, and any module or article area will visibly protrude or inset in an isometic angle. I’m just going to have to live with the fact that the design will evolve, and I can start with something not completely fleshed out.

It’s no surprise that I would try to make an isometric design. A lot of my favorite games have isometric camera views.

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Speaking of games, I’d like to incorporate some name Google fonts with one of them looking like video pixels. Hopefully, working in an italic cursive handwritten font will also be possible without it clashing too much. Maybe with the type of blog entry, or maybe blog titles are always cursive. I can have a seperate gaming page for the pixel design.

In any case, the site is up.